Sunday, April 12, 2009

Off to Venice!

The train to Venice was about 3 hours. I loved the train rides because you got to see all the beautiful scenery in Italy. Once you arrive at the train station in Venice you immediately walk out onto the water which is beautiful but I would not suggest ever going in it. Venice has no cars or mo peds, you can only walk everywhere which was so nice. Our hostel was off the main "street" that pretty much wraps around the whole island and it was very nice. I loved Venice because even when you felt like you were getting lost down the little side streets, you would pop up on a main street. The first day we kind of walked around and saw St. Mark's square and a lot of churches which are all so unique. We went into Santa Lucia and saw St. Lucy's corpse which was actually neat since Rebecca's confirmation saint is St. Lucy. Murano (an island off Venice) is famous for their blown glass and there are stores everywhere selling it so we looked at a lot of those too. And we found THE BEST pizza place ever. It was really out of the way of everything but we stumbled across it and continued to go back each day. We walked along the Rialto bridge and through all the markets. The gondolas cost way too much for two people to split so I did not get to ride in one but I saw them so thats good enough.

Rialto bridge

St. Mark's

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