Thursday, April 23, 2009

Lots of Random things

So by this time next week I will be devouring (sp?) Frontera and probably getting sick since I have not eaten any food like that in 4 months. As I write this I am so sad. I spent about an hour today looking up things to get involved with when I get back home to keep me busy. For some reason sitting in a park reading a book is only something I can do home I feel like I need to keep myself busy. A long time ago I wrote a post talking about my friend Kara and how she told me to make a list of what I will miss. I think these next couple of days that list is going to get FULL!! I am going to miss sitting in my bed and leaning over into my drawer for my chapstick that is perfectly placed right where I need it to be (i am very organized here). I am going to miss my early walks in the morning when all I could smell was the fresh bread being baked in the Panaderias (best smell ever). I am going to miss the Plaza and so much more. I truly am sad and can't believe it is REALLY coming to an end. Today I was sitting in the park with Macon and we were discussing how we are going back to reality. We have both been hearing about people losing jobs and how things are changing but we have not been witnesses to it yet and we are not quite sure what to expect. Spain is a whole other world and I have experienced so much here that I do not know what home is going to be like. I am so ready to see my family its unreal but I am not sure how life will go from here. What do I do with all I have learned and experienced here?!

On a completely different note...I saw the King, Queen, and President of Spain today...I already explained below why they were in Alcala. It was really cool but there were not a lot of people at all not like there would be if Obama came to the little town of Snellville (Alcala is bigger and there were less people then I think would show up if the president came to town).

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  1. Hang in there! Know that it will be difficult, but it is totally worth it! :-) You'll always have awesome memories! I hope you have a great weekend and don't do too much packing/studying. Con mucho amor! ~k