Tuesday, April 21, 2009

8 days?!

Alright mixed emotions are running through me like crazy!!! Today was my last full day of class WOO HOO...trust me I was ready for those classes to be over. Now on to exams. I have one class tomorrow but we are just reviewing so I do not think that counts. Also tomorrow we have our 'graduation' type thing. We receive diplomas (Does this mean I pass all my classes before I even take the exams?) and then we have a picnic afterwards which should be fun. Tomorrow night is also the talent show. I am unfortunately not participating in any of it (yeah right). Thursday I start finals. I have one in my advanced grammar and one for my Globalization class which I also have a ten page paper due in on how globalization plays a roll in the job market. O SO THRILLING! For the weekend I do not have a lot of plans except to go to my last mass at my church here with Abuela and study. I also just found out that you can rent bikes for free in town so I might do that. Monday I have two finals, civilization and my comparison between the United States and Spain which I also have a 3 page paper due in. Tuesday I will be packing (if I don't get it all done this weekend) and Wednesday I have my independent study final and then I think a bunch of people from school are just getting together and hanging out since we will all be going back to our own states Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, Colorado, Alabama, etc. THURSDAY MORNING AT 4 am I get on a bus to the airport and fly to Paris at 7. I will be in Atlanta at 2:15 on Thursday! I am so excited but at the same time I know I am going to miss Spain like crazy! Whenever I traveled, I couldn't wait to get back to being around the spanish language so I really think just being surrounded by it 24/7 is what I will miss the most.

*Side note* I found out today that Mrs. Gilbert died. For those of you who do not know who she is, she is the wife of Coach Gilbert from St. Pius X and my P.E. and Health teacher for 2 years. Margaret was the swim coach at Pius, too and coached Rebecca. She was diagnosed with cancer I believe my senior year or freshman year of college. It was terminal from the start and spread quickly. She was taken to the hospital last night and died this morning. She leaves behind Bob and their 4 young daughters. Please keep them in your prayers. Although it was expected it is still more difficult then I can imagine.

**On a happier note** I was able to name 39 of the 44 presidents today!!! I was amazed! but unfortunately when I was trying to list the capitals of the states I couldn't quite think of as many hahahah


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