Thursday, April 23, 2009

Final days

Yesterday we had a graduation for all the students at my school. I think there are 96 of us so it was very nice. All of our teachers gave little speeches and it was kind of sad. They gave us little diplomas and afterwards we had a little luncheon for us. It was all very nice. Afterwards a bunch of us just hung out in the plaza because it was such a beautiful day and we wanted to soak it all in. PLUS we had to wait around for the talent show. There is a theatre class at school that put on their production at the talent show. It was all about women abuse but it was a comedy (its a very common theme in Spanish literature) also someone sang, there was a photogrophay contest, two boys sang and play the hukele (sp? Hawaiin instrument) the students in the magazine class presented the magazine and Carlos, m teacher, presented the yearbook. All are online at the school website if you want to see them.

I got Twitter. I don´t really know why because i think it is for people with internet on their phones who have friends with internet on their phones but its kind of cool. You can check mine out at

Today the king and queen are coming to Alcala. It is the feast day of Miguel Cervantes the author of Don quixote who was born here in Alcala. The King and Queen come to honor another modern writer and present him or her with an award. Also there are HUGE book sales going on all over the plaza (and yes they shut down for siesta too) People have come and set up tents and are selling books all week. Its a pretty cool thing to expierence. Spain has so much culture and finds a reason to celebrate everything. We probably would have had the day off of school but we had finals hahaha.

I just finished my first final and my hardest. Spanish grammar has always been hard to many rules and irregular verbs! I have one more today and then afterwards its off to DONER KEBAB for lunch! Doner Kebab is an Indian fast food kind of restaraunt and its AWESOME! Devin and I have decided to go there for lunch today.

Still have no big plans for the weekend but to hang out around Alcala...maybe go into Madrid and be with all the people I have met here. Abuela asked what we wanted for out last meal yesterday...crazy!

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